Use his ult when you’re third partying, it let’s you find people quickly to finish them off and is really helpful for finding other people who are running up to third party you. Easy way to rack up kills.
bloodhound guide
bloodhound tips apex legends

Be aggressive about tracking and communicate to your teammates. Bloodhound is a lot of fun if you can get your entire squad running full speed after some unaware squad that you’re tracking. Tracking isn’t nearly as useful if you’re running solo, so make sure you ping as many indicators as you can so your squad can be on the same page as you.

This one is important, NEVER use the tactical if you’re not about to push or finish someone. Using it lets everyone know where you are so it’s important to make sure you have the upper hand in the fight before you scan. I use it non stop when it’s a 3v3, 3v2, or any time my squad has the advantage, but try to avoid it if the enemy squad greatly outnumbers/out-skills you. This also goes for the Ultimate because of how much noise it produces when active. If you feel like you’re losing the fight, try to focus on fundamentals like health management and positioning, because the tactical and ultimate generally will put you at a disadvantage. All that being said, if you’re the only one alive and it looks like you’re about to die any second feel free to use them to make a last second assault.

The Ultimate is extremely useful for sniping and scouting at long distances. Having enemies highlighted can make it very easy to put a lot of pressure on a squad from distance. This is useful for if a squad is sniping your squad and has you pinned, the ult can make it easy to counter snipe and put pressure back on them. There have been countless times when someone on my squad gets downed by a longbow and i end up using my ult to keep them from pushing. Just damaging shields on 1 or 2 members is usually enough to keep people from pushing aggressively. You can also use his ult endgame to find out where the remaining squads are by taking a jump tower and looking around. This can make a huge difference when there’s less than 5 squads left and the final circles are starting.

Use his tactical to pre-fire around corners. This games netcode can be choppy from time to time so why not abuse it? If you know where an enemy is, hit the scan as you come around the corner to line up some headshots. This is especially effective with high ROF weapons like the r-99 or re-45, but is pretty useful with any gun really. Your teammates also see the scan, so a extremely well coordinated breach by the whole squad can lead to multiple people pre-firing on the opponents, giving you a huge edge in a firefight.

Use his ult to shoot through structures!!! The buildings in this game are pretty porous, with lots of little cracks and gaps in them for you to shoot through. Having enemies highlighted makes it essentially wallhacks, just go on top of a roof and start looking through the cracks for people camping or healing. I’ve gotten a fair share of “reported for shooting through walls” messages when really I was just blasting them through a microscopic slit in the side of a wall. This when combined with the tactical can be devastating in the endgame or to a caustic/wattson squad camping in a building.

Use your tactical to help your squad out! If a teammate runs into a building and is chasing down a damaged opponent, give the building a scan so they can pinpoint the enemy. The scan can be used for misdirection if you have some decent and coordinated teammates. Let them push the building first while you scan from a distant location outside, this will trick the other squad into thinking the threat is somewhere that it isn’t, all while giving your squad the opportunity to get the jump on them. Don’t be afraid to use the tactical to draw enemies to you if your teammates are in a spotty situation i.e. healing, reviving or self-reviving. I’ve used their ult to draw opponents to me and used the snarling and growling sounds to help hide the sound of a squadmate’s self-rez. People really get frazzled by a Bloodhound in Beast of the Hunt, and almost always shift their attention to you. Be creative and use this to your advantage to help control the battle!

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