Caustic Apex Legends [ALL ABILITIES!!!] – Nox Vision!!! – Nox Gas Trap!!! – Nox Gas Grenade!!!

Caustic Apex Legends [ALL ABILITIES!!!] – Nox Vision!!! – Nox Gas Trap!!! – Nox Gas Grenade!!!

Caustic is a gas trapper in Apex Legends who can be a very effective asset to the team.
Apex Legends has many legends that are effective however Caustic is the only legend who sets traps as of yet.
When using Caustic setting down gas traps try to stay in closed areas or buildings as much as possible.
Set your gas traps either by the doors to keep enemies out of the building or set gas traps in middle of the rooms to trap them within the building to get kills.
Caustic also has a gas grenade for his ultimate ability called the nox gas grenade.
Using the nox gas grenade its best to keep moving and be ready for fight or get away.

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Caustic wants you to choke on his deadly Nox gas. As Apex Legends’ traditional trap-focused character, your goal is to lure your enemies into your traps. He rewards slow play, and he’s powerful, but Caustic can also frustrate his allies.

Here’s what you need to know about the big guy to become an Apex Champion.

Caustic can see enemies trapped in his smoke.

This passive makes Caustic powerful. Use your traps or your ultimate to create a blinding field for enemies and a killing field for you. You can drop a canister at your feet if you’re getting rushed. You can throw the Nox Grenade to trap a squad in a nearby building. Or you can trap a squad in smoke and pick them off while they scramble in the dark.

Enemies can’t see through Caustic’s smoke, but neither can his allies. When using Caustic’s abilities, be aware of where your teammates are and the advantages they have. Surrounding enemies with smoke can be great for you, but it can also ruin an easy kill for your allies. Before you flood the battlefield with Nox gas, consider where your friends are so you don’t blind and slow them as well.

Caustic throws a canister of gas on the ground, which inflates and arms a moment later. He can shoot the canister to activate it, or it’ll start spewing gas when enemies get close.

Caustic can only keep six Nox Gas Traps out at a time before they start to disappear. Drop these around corners where you may be fighting in soon. You can also drop them in front of doors to block your enemies from escaping. Don’t be stingy. Nox Gas Traps don’t take long to regenerate, and you can always pick up traps that haven’t gone off to reclaim them.
Sometimes, the best move is to throw a Nox Gas Trap at your feet as you’re getting pushed. Your enemy won’t be able to see you, but if they follow you into the gas, you’ll be able to see them.

Caustic arms and then throws a grenade filled with Nox Gas, which then spreads over a large area.

There’s enough gas in the grenade to fill up any house, and you can also use it to flush enemies out of a choke point or hideaway. And as we’ve mentioned before, enemies foolish enough to stay inside the poison cloud will die.

The biggest hurdle to learning the Nox Gas Grenade is its arming time. This doesn’t operate like any other grenade. Caustic will pull it out, fiddle with it for a second, and then let you throw it. If you try to pull it out as an enemy is running at you, you’re going to get shot before you can kill anyone.

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