How To Play Better With Bloodhound With 5 Easy step in 2minutes – Apex Bloodhound Advanced Guide

How To Play Better With Bloodhound With 5 Easy step in 2miutes – Apex Bloodhound Advanced Guide. This Guide will explain to you in 5 steps how to play Bloodhound! Written guide at the bottom.

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{ Written Tutorial }

Tip #1 When playing Bloodhound remember that audio is your best friend, There are many times where I’ve heard enemies in a building and then scanned to reveal their locations allowing me to collapse on them.

Tip #2 When playing bloodhound don’t play him like a Rushing character unless you’re sure you can win the fight, Bloodhound is good for setting up fights not rushing him. Use your tracking to track a single enemy and take them out turning the tides towards your team. It’s easier to win a 3v2 than a 3v3.

Tip #3 Always use your scanner, If it’s too quiet and you’re anticipating enemies following you bait them into a trap, bait them towards a house and then scan them and have your team pinch them in taking out the squad.

Tip #4 Bloodhound’s ultimate Beast of the Hunt is a fast charging ultimate use it as much as possible, it increases your movement speed and gives you sight on enemies through wall, smoke and any objects.

Tip #5 Synergise with your team, don’t play like a lone wolf, Bloodhound is all about communicating with your team to take out enemy squads as quickly and quietly as possible. Without the proper communication you can find yourself either being third partied, or losing team fights constantly even though your team initiated first.

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