How to Play Bloodhound Apex Legends Season 6 Tips & Tricks! (Ultimate Guide)

How to Play Bloodhound Apex Legends Season 6! In this Video I want to breakdown the legend bloodhound and some tips and tricks on how to master this legend in apex season 6! Bloodhound has received 2 huge buffs in apex season 5 and 6 which catapulted bloodhound to being a top tier legend! Learning how to play bloodhound can be difficult with all the tracker abilities she has but in this video i got some tips to help you out! Hope you Enjoy the video👍

⏱️Time Stamps⏱️
0:00 How to Play Bloodhound Apex Legends Season 6!
1:15 Tracker Ability
3:00 Eye of the All Father
9:24 Beast of the Hunt
12:18 Zone Beacons
13:05 Gameplay Clips
14:50 Thank you for Watching

⭕️ How To Improve Your Aim –
⭕️ The Best Season 5 Console Settings –
⭕️ How To Sound Like a Pro –
⭕️ How To Armor Swap –
⭕️ How To Hip Fire –

⭕️ How To Manager Your Inventory –
⭕️ How to Use Throwables Effectively –
⭕️ How to Gain RP Fast –
⭕️ Learn How To Weapon Swap –
⭕️ Learn How to Move Like a Pro –

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