How to Play Rampart Apex Legends Season 6 (+ Apex Coins Giveaway)

How to play Rampart in Apex Legends Season 6 I hear you ask? Oh and you want free apex coins in a giveaway? Well I’ve got 8 top tips to help you play rampart in Apex Legends Season 6. As you know Rampart is the new legend in apex legends season 6 and she has some really great abilities. From an amped wall to a minigun as her ultimate called sheila. I’ve explored these abilities and found 8 really useful tips to help you get better with Rampart. You can use this video as a Rampart guide to help you play as and against Rampart.

I’m also doing an Apex Coins giveaway for 1,000 apex legends coins. For those of you that don’t have the season 6 battle pass yet this will allow you to get it straight away. Like my previous apex coins giveaways there is a little challenge for you to complete. Once you have the answer enter it on my giveaways page in Discord. If you don’t have discord you can dm me on Twitter or Instagram. Closing time is 2pm UK time on Sunday 23rd August.
I’ll draw a random winner from everyone that get’s it correct and is subscribed. Good Luck!

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Intro – 0:00
Apex Coins Giveaway – 0:29
Rampart Fun Facts – 2:08
Tip 1 – 2:31
Tip 2 – 3:22
Tip 3 – 5:37
Tip 4 – 6:28
Tip 5 – 7:02
Tip 6 – 8:30
Tip 7 – 9:09
Tip 8 – 9:51

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