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How to use revenants abilities
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The season 4 trailer showed revenant causing mass destruction around worlds edge.

In the trailer, Revenant can be seen throwing down a dangerous-looking totem, most likely called his Death Recall Ultimate Ability, which “protects anyone who uses it from death. Instead of getting killed or downed, you’ll return to the totem with 20 health,” according to leaks.

After passing through the totem, a virus-like effect covers the edge of the screen – similar to the one people saw when playing as the Shadow faction from the Shadowfall LTM in the October 2019 Fight or Fright event.

You can see the octane jumping off his jump pad seconds after getting spawned back in but he got shot at and died in the air. So it seems during the fright or fight event the shadows they were testing really were revenants abilities. Pretty cool to think because maybe a future event coming in season 4 will be doing the same for the next legend.

Immediately after throwing down his Ult, Revenant follows it up with his Tactical Ability – projectile emanating from the top of his left forearm. This definitely looks like it could be the Poison Bomb, a lethal object that inflicts damage and a slowing effect on anyone in the area.

When re watching the trailer you can see that the squad who got the bomb thrown at, only two of them took damage so the radius for damage must be pretty small so you have to be more accurate than gibbys ultimate, or caustics nox gas.

The final build-up to Revenant’s attack is his Passive Ability, called Infiltrator, which lets him “climb walls higher and crouch walk faster.” While we didn’t get to see the full climb, it seems like the Legend of Death was easily making his way up the building’s side without nearby ledges to reset his climb.
We were also exposed to see a glimpse of this ability in action when he scaled the side of a glass-lined building during the gameplay trailer. Revenant can be seen scaling a large distance before getting to the top of the building.

So although Revenant’s abilities haven’t been technically announced or confirmed yet, it’s pretty evident that Respawn ended up sticking to what they had originally planned way back when the leaks about the Legend began to surface.
Although revenant’s spotlight in the trailer was cut short we were see enough footage to understand all of his abilities

The gameplay coincided heavily with the abilities that had been previously leaked for the characters. His ultimate, Death Recall, makes him and his teammates impervious to death, his tactical, Poison Bomb, is a lethal object he throws that causes damage to nearby enemies, and his passive, Infiltrator, allows him to move and climb walls faster.

Considering how powerful and fast Revenant looked in the trailer, it’s clear that Respawn is warning players not to take him lightly.
While Respawn still haven’t officially announced what Revenant’s abilities will be, the gameplay trailer pretty much confirmed that all three will match what had been previously leaked.

The abilities we saw revenant use in the trailer include his Poison Bomb tactical, we also seen revenant activate his Death Recall ultimate, and use his Infiltrator tactical, at least that’s what they were called in the leaks. The official names can change upon release.

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