HOW TO USE WRAITH IN APEX LEGENDS SEASON 6! I am so happy I made this legend guide. This is the first of its kind so be gentle on me… Let me know what you think! Master Wraith guide was a lot of fun to make and I am definitely going to make more videos like this in the future. Apex Legends Wraith Tips and tricks are always good to know and there is so many things wraith can do well, which is why she is probably the #1 legend out there. Let me know what you think of apex legends wraith season 6, is she still top 3 legend? If your wondering how to play aggressive as wraith in Apex Legends then this video should give you a few tips!

Let me know what Legend Guide you would like to see next and you will likely see it!

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♫Background Music♫
●Harris Heller – Escape


0:00 – Intro! What we will cover!
1:06 – Different Profile Enemies
1:45 – Passive Ability
2:45 – Tactical Ability
4:28 – Wraiths Ultimate
5:28 – Portal Escape
6:30 – Portal Revive
7:34 – Portal Pushing
8:06 – Portal Rotating
9:00 – Recap.
9:46 – THANK YOU!


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