Season 1 Pathfinder is Better than Octane for Pure Speed! | Apex Legends

Season 1 Pathfinder may just be better than Octane when it comes to raw speed in Apex Legends. Here’s why you should give him another chance.

With Season 1 landing, the spotlight has been on Octane. The high mobility legend that has won over new hearts in the Apex Games with nothing more than his pure ruthlessness, doing anything to get that next adrenaline hit, no matter what it takes. Sure, he’s a great addition to the game, and I’m absolutely loving playing him.

But the real star of the show might just be pathfinder. The true mobility king has risen back up from the crowds of other Legends. He’s flung himself out ahead after a recent hitbox change that has completely flipped the script.

Now that this gigantic flaw has been taken care of, Pathfinder’s true potential can really shine.

Pathfinder grapple guide by Frothy:
Pathfinder grapple guide by MrBlaBlak:

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