Wattson’s Hitbox Is Looking Great! Comparing it with the other Legends!

We take a look at Wattson’s hitbox and compare it to the other legends in Apex Legends, in anticipation for season 2.

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I think that hitboxes play a much bigger role in a legend’s power ranking than many people think, so it’s important to get an idea about how wattson may play via her hitbox.

Source for hitboxes:

overlay version: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/avitgf/apex_legends_actual_hitboxes_all_characters/

original hitbox comparison:

Artist Credit:
Lakey Inspired

Wattson’s animations will also play an important role in how successful she will be at becoming top tier. We will have to wait and see how her traps are balanced – if she can zone well enough without her traps breaking easily, she has the potential to be very strong. Otherwise, she may fall off. Only time will tell – it’s just two weeks now until season 2 for Apex Legends begins. Are you excited?

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