You Are Using BANGALORE Wrong | In Depth Legend Guide | APEX Legends

hey guys! finally the last legend that so many people been asking me to cover! this is the final legend guide/tutorial for now, since theres no more but no worries, i will make sure to keep uploading content, tips, tricks and all of that good stuff… does anyone even read descriptions? i feel like no one ever does lol :P,
(Bangalore in depth guide/tutorial)

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DISCLAIMER – the “you are using “…” wrong” is just a title for the series, im not trying to offend anyone and you are free to use it any way you love/like! im just shearing my tips and opinion.
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Time Stamps:
1. Skills / Passive 0:40 / Tactical 2:50 / Ultimate 6:14
2. Counter Picks/ Team comp etc 9:00
3. Pros/Cons 11:46
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