18 Pathfinder Tips You HAVE TO MASTER | Apex Legends Pathfinder Guide

18 Pathfinder Tips You HAVE TO MASTER | Apex Legends Pathfinder Guide
Pathfinder is all about mobility. This may surprise some of you who have given him a go once or twice, and noticed that he seems slower and clunkier than other Legends. Well, for one thing, all Legends move at exactly the same speed – they just appear different due to camera height and arm animation speeds; and for another, if you learn and properly utilise Pathfinder’s abilities, then you will end up ahead of your teammates the vast majority of the time.

Hiding Spot Video: https://youtu.be/UWJvmQTbj28
Fly With Crypto Video: https://youtu.be/UWJvmQTbj28

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Land near survey beacons.
Survey beacons give off a sound que when activated that will alarm any nearby enemies
No cooldown if you dont attach
Look for unexpected and fast flanks during gunfights
Maximize your grapple distance by jumping
To go fastest you should grapple as far as possible
Swing with the grapple by looking left or right
Grapple will break if you look more than 90degrees (best is 60-90)
Zipline makes a sound when it connects, dont put on enemies
If you pinched, use your zipline behind a rock to getaway
Slide and jump at the end of your swings to keep momentum
Avoid climb animation by swinging around instead of directly on
Once you get survey beacon data, go to next ring
If someone else took pathfinder ping survey beacons and be nice to all pathfinders.
Grapple over enemies as its a very unexpected move and they wont react in time
If your getting shot at grapple away into areas other legends cant get to, for cover
Avoid timely and noisey elevators , use a quick grapple to reach the top of a building
Grapple onto cryptos drone while it is flying to have a huge swing

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