7 Methods to Play WATTSON Like a Pro !! APEX LEGENDS

APEX LEGENDS _ Full Wattson Tutorial

Hey everyone…
In this video we are going through 7 Methods which help you to play Wattson correctly. I hope this ultimate guide is informative enough to help you to master Wattson easier.

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0. Introduction 0:00
1. Wattson Role On the team 01:07
2. All Wattson Abilities in Depth 02:09
3. Perimeter Security 02:33
4. Nodes Tips and Tricks 03:19
5. One Strategy to Use Fences in the Most Basic Situation 05:14
6. Popular Shapes With Fences 06:31
7. Interception Pylon (her ultimate) 08:09
8. Wattson Play Style 10:18
9. Best Weapon Combinations 11:15
10. Best Legend Combinations 11:29
11. How to Counter Wattson! 12:12
12. Method 7 12:43

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