Apex legend live gaming top Gibraltar wins season 7!!!!

~Welcome to the Greek Empire ~

Top Gibraltar wins for season 7

2+ KD | 15,000+ Kills on Path | 33,000+ Lifetime Kills

🏅 Lots of Wins on Pathfinder | 15,000+ Lifetime Games | 8 M Lifetime Damage 🏅

🎮 Playing Apex Legends on PS4 🎮

🕹️ Controller: Dual Shock | Sensitivity: 5-4 🕹️

~ New Streamer ~

Welcome everyone and thanks for joining me on this journey! We are growing a community to give people the chance to learn, share, and connect! There is a points system that tracks how much you watch the stream (2 points for every 5 mins of stream watched)
Top ten point holders at the end of every month are entered into a raffle for a $10 gift card.

-Congrats Frank on winning the last giveaway-

👋 Donations are never necessary but always appreciated if you do donate LMK! I’m saving up for a Elgato capture card to create better content.


Discord link


My clubs insta is

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