APEX Legends – FOUR ROUNDS AND A DREAM!! (EPIC!) | Apex Wraith OP Highlights

APEX Legends – I Got BAMBOOZLED!! (YOU DEAAAD) In this video I show some highlight gameplay while in Apex Legends, I’m still fairly new at the game SORRY! I play apex legends for PC,

Apex legends is a free to play battle royale created by respawn, (the devs of apex legends respawn) apex legends classes are quite diverse with different apex legends heroes to choose from, the main thing that sets it apart from other battle royales is apex legends abilities system.

sorry I’ve just started playing apex legends pc , not familiar with different apex legends guns.

I would appreciate any feedback on this new Apex Legends highlight and gameplay series thx xoxo

Anyways sit back and enjoy some Apex Legends by me Fl1cks (HELPPP I’M BADDD) in Apex

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Just a Apex legends highlights video/ Apex Legends gameplay video, this is available on PC, Xbox and Ps4, it’s a super fun game to get apex legends for free, maybe someday i’ll make an apex legends guide on the different apex legends guns and have all those abilities, hope you guys enjoy all the highlight/gameplay vids as always

As always Fl1cks here with your daily Apex Legends content

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Me no hack trust, me bad

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