Apex Legends Mythbusters! | Solving The Biggest Myths and Misconceptions #1

Welcome to Apex Legends Mythbusters, where I take common misconceptions and gameplay myths and attempt to find out the true answers once and for all. In this episode, I’ll be covering eight myths.

I’ll put the timestamp for each one below, so that you can jump around the video if you prefer.

These are the eight myths I’ll be covering.
1. Does the Legendary backpack healing passive stack with Lifeline’s Passives 1:06
2. Does the Peacekeeper get better accuracy when aiming down sights? 1:30
3. Does sliding up hill ruin your momentum? 2:03
4. Does using different weapons give you different movement speeds? 2:36
5. Can you see other players in Wraith’s Into the Void ability? 3:22
6. Do bullets slow you down? If so, do certain bullets, like heavy bullets slow you down more? 3:44
7. Do Gibraltar and Caustic run slower than other legends? 5:31
8. Do Hot Drop Zones have better loot than standard zones? And, do they always spawn a golden weapon? 5:56

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