Apex Legends Season 3 New Map Gameplay! – All 15 Locations + Secrets!

Presented by EA Game Changers. The new Apex Legends season 3 map drops tomorrow. #ad The new map, World’s Edge, features 15 unique named locations, a large train track that occupies the entire map, and yes, a train that moves along it. #apexlegends

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Apex Legends Seaosn 3 is the most ambitious content drop yet. The legends have been forced to evacuate King’s Canyon, and they’ve dropped onto World’s Edge, a new Apex Games Arena, for the time being. World’s Edge perfectly blends fire and ice into an eye-pleasing environment.

Not only does World’s Edge look beautiful, but it plays beatufiul as well. The color palette is vastly more impressive than King’s Canyon, the sight lines have been opened up, and the opportunities for more strategetical plays are endless.

Make sure to download the Apex Legend Season 3 update tomorrow for free on October 1.

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