Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension – NEW Battle Pass, Apex Legends Clubs, Ranked Season 7 + Apex Steam!

► Introducing Clubs in Apex Legends Season 7 – I will be creating an Ownage Army club! Make sure you join if you love Apex Legends and want to be part of the family! Leaked image has already been found from a data miner on Twitter! Looks very fun and a great way to connect with other players and friends! – more details soon!
2. Ascension Battle Pass – One EPIC wraith skin, Beautiful Longbow Skin + An insane Hemlock skin within the new battle pass! More holo sprays according to Apex Legends website too! Exciting!
3. Ranked Season 7 – Sky dive trails for master rank and Predator rank division if you got this far! Plus all weapon charms for ranked divisions! Hope you enjoy all these images I have gathered!
Bonus Point – Season 7 is coming to steam starting season 7 on November 4th you will be able to progress from Origin to Steam with all progress and unlock a valve inspired gun charm according to Apex Legends! Could this be hinting cross progression between console and PC soon?

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