Apex Legends Tips & Tricks! 50 Reasons Why Octane is the BEST Legend

Apex Legends Tips and Tricks. 50 Reasons Why Octane is the BEST Legend in Apex Legends. Octane is the ninth character in Apex Legends and was released with Apex Legends’ first season in March. Octane is an adrenaline junkie and lost his legs in the pursuit of action in a record-breaking gauntlet speed-run. Octane’s Passive Ability is called “Swift Mend” which restores 1 health every 2 seconds while he isn’t taking damage. Octane’s Tactical Ability is called “Stim” which enables Octane to move 30% faster for 6 seconds at the cost of 10% of his current health. It has an insanely fast recharge rate of less than 2 seconds. Octane’s Ultimate Ability is a “Launch Pad” which catapults players through the air. Octane’s ultimate has one of the fastest recharge rates in Apex Legends of only 90 seconds.

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