Apex Legends

The Story of Bangalore

Don’t be fooled, despite her rugged exterior and military precision, Anita Williams is a 35 year old from the planted called gridiron has a more noble cause for entering the Apex Games. Separated from her family during a military mission, she’s raising the funds to fight her way back.

Apex Lengend Bangalore

Bangalore is one of two damage archetypes and is built to excel in taking out large groups of enemies.

  • Passive Ability: Double Time

When taking fire from enemies, Bangalore will move at an increased pace for a brief amount of time. For a game that’s already fast-paced, this ability gives you a speedy edge.

  • Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher

This ability allows Bangalore to hurl a smoke grenade that explodes on impact at her enemies. Whether you’re escaping from a group of foes that have got the drop on you, or you’re looking to turn the tables, Bangalore’s smoke launcher will come in handy.

  • Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder

Useful if you’re in a pinch or weathering a match’s latter moments, Bangalore’s ultimate ability sends an artillery strike across the landscape.


You Are A Click Away From Changing Your Life

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