BLOODHOUND’s New Secret Ability Nobody Is Talking About! – Apex Legends Ranked Platinum

In Apex Legends, Bloodhound can use their tactical on Wattson’s traps and they stay highlighted forever. It’s such a useful tip to use in high ranked gameplay because players will be camping and setting up traps. Just use the tactical and you’ll know where traps are at all times. It also highlight’s Wattson’s ultimate.

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That’s pretty much all there is to it, besides that Bloodhound’s tactical now actually tracks players as they move, if you missed that, which makes bloodhound and bangalore and even better comp. Remember, when you use the tactical, your entire team sees the outline, so a well placed smoke on top of a team, alongside a bloodhound tactical could be excellent. It’s also great for scoping out buildings as always, or picking out the locations of players and traps. I’m sure you know all about why Bloodhound’s tactical is great now, but this one feature you may be unaware of.

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