Got a 5K Damage Match with Wattson – Apex Legends

Here’s my highest damage match thus far and with Wattson (my least favorite legend). My goal was to get the 4k damage badge, so I wasn’t necessarily looking to finish fights too quickly. My teammate ran off to fight and die by himself, so I was left alone against the whole lobby. I may have been able to get his banner, had he not quit immediately, but it’s probably for the best anyway, because now I could get all the damage points for myself. I must’ve gotten more than 1k damage from the last squad alone, because they got three revives off.

Oh and if you’re wondering why I reduced the FOV, it’s because I didn’t have a long range scope for Scout. I dropped it from my usual 110 down to 70 and a bit later moved it up to 90.

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