Welcome back Visionaire’s to another guide video, today we look at how to use revenant in Apex Legends Season 7 and beyond! I hope you enjoy this Master Revenant guide as we are going to discuss all things Revenant and how to master Revenant in Apex Legends. How to use Revenant in Apex Legends is not too complicated but we do give some in game examples to help you succeed on your quest to master Revenant. I hope this Apex Legends Revenant tips and tricks are helpful! There is quite a few Revenant tips and tricks for Season 7 Apex Legends as he has had a bunch of buffs over the past couple of seasons. Let me know in the comments if this Apex Legends Revenant Guide was helpful and if I left anything out because this is definitely not everything with Revenant but it is a great start to help you in Apex Legends how to use Revenant. This Revenant guide Apex Legends was fun to make and I can’t wait to make the next one as we get closer to Season 7 of Apex Legends! I almost made these tips for Revenant in Apex Legends video much longer but I wanted to keep it straight to the point.

Let me know in the comments if this Apex Legends Revenant Season 7 guide was helpful! Let me know which Legend I should cover next! I hope you all are on your way to mastering Revenant in Apex Legends!

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0:00 – Introduction and Overview!
0:51 – Check out our previous guide videos!
1:20 – Revenant Overview of Abilities
1:40 – Revenants Passive
2:35 – Revenants Tactical Ability
4:06 – Revenants Ultimate
10:34 – The Perfect Combo
13:00 – Thank you! Join the Community Discord!


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