is Octane GOOD in Diamond? Apex Legends – Road to APEX PREDATOR Season 3

Episode #22 of my Apex Legends Road to APEX PREDATOR series. This series contains all of my gameplay highlights & clutch moments from Ranked Season 3. Currently i am Diamond Rank.

Theres also some added funny memes to SPICE things up a bit.

In this video i play a bunch of ranked games as Octane to find out if he is good in diamond rank! I put together all my Octane gameplay good or bad, win or lose and then decide if he is good or not. So is Octane good in diamond rank? Watch throughout to make your own opinion and wait until the end for mine!

This will be the last road to ranked for season 3… stay tuned for ranked season 4!


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Music ► Synergy
► In The Jungle
► Sneaky Snitch
► Chariots of Fire
► Evil Morty
► XFiles

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