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In this video I explain the most important tips and tricks you can use to maximize your potential with Octane in Apex Legends Season 4. This will without a doubt make you a better all around Octane player. You will be able to utilize your stim perfectly and utilize your jump pad perfectly after watching this video. With the new updates it can be tough to keep up with the competition and that’s why I am bring you this video! I am playing on Xbox One but these tips can obviously help you no matter what platform you are playing Apex Legends on. I tried to include the similar controls on PS4 and PC so I hope that helped you guys out!

The goal of this video is to share some of my personal favorite Apex Legends Octane Tips with all of you guys! Using Octane’s abilities can be quite the tough task if you are not used to using this character in the game. This is why I go over some amazing Octane stim and jump pad tips in this video. Most other channels will show you How To Play Octane but won’t go into detail on the Apex Legends Ultimate Abilities Guide! Hopefully these Octane tips will make you all better players with this advanced apex legends guide. There is even some Apex Legends Tips on the Octane FOV change while he uses his stim in towards the middle!

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