Octane Unleashed! | Family Portrait Chapter 5 – The Happy Ending! | Apex Legends Season 7 Comic!

Apex Legends Season 7 Quest Comic Lore Analysis
Family Portrait Chapter 5 – The Happy Ending

It’s a Happy Ending after all! Not even death can kill a Legend!
Our new bad guy reveals his true identity, as wanted criminal Creighton Sawtelle – and reveals his goals of taking Psamathe back from the Syndicate!
Meanwhile, Octane crashes into the action, catching up with Gibraltar & Nik – as Lifeline is caught between Creighton and her parents, and their deal to bring the Planet Salvo into Syndicate Space.

Also, Creighton Sawtelle is the son of a character teased in the Season 7 Loading Screens – Apex Shipping Reporter, Chico Sawtelle!

Creighton Sawtelle proclaims his goals!
Octane sets a tone!
Gibraltar lifts us up!
Lifeline stands up!
Pathfinder rises!

0:00 – Intro & Context
0:25 – Chapter Readthrough
3:20 – Chapter Analysis – Octane, Gibby & Nik
4:40 – The Big Bad – Wanted Criminal Creighton Sawtelle
6:25 – Chevrex, Warlord Sandringham Kelly & The Planet Salvo
8:15 – Ajay, Darion & Cherisse Che
9:45 – Not Even Death Can Kill a Legend
10:41 – Conclusion & Overview

Music used:
j^p^n – bloom.
potsu x lando! – breakfast
potsu – bossa uh
j^p^n – kindred.
Jinsang – Egyptian Pools
j^p^n – glamor.

Also, I wrote a collection of short stories based in the Apex Legends universe for the 31DaysofApex challenge, please read uwu !

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