Ranking and Explaining Every Map Location and Loot Zone In Apex Legends!

Constantly dying when you land because you can’t find a weapon? Are you sick of ALWAYS getting shot first? Tired of not knowing the best places to loot, or how to engage in fights in certain areas of the map? Swamp or Artillery? Relay or Skull Town? All Loot Zones are NOT created equal. Here’s a thorough review and my personal Ranking of every map location and High tier, Medium tier and low tier loot zone in the game! Today I break down the best places to land and loot in order to win in Apex Legends! Do you agree? Have something else to add – hit me with a comment! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! https://bit.ly/2ejoOyw | Twitter: https://twitter.com/rayndaygaming | Follow the stream, Raynstorm! ► https://Mixer.com/raynday

As a follow up, The Shattered Forest and The Farm were not included in this list, though are decent places to rotate into for extra loot. I would not recommend them as landing locations, and they are not named on the map. However, I play through them a lot, and felt it odd not to mention!

Apex Legends is a pretty difficult game to grasp at first, with all of the moving pieces of a battle Royale, yet also adding the element of classes. Apex legends brings another layer of depth to it’s battle royale with significant recoil patterns, clip size adjustments, headshot bonuses and more to the various weapons in the game. Here, I’ll go over the very best locations to loot, and explain each area in detail so you always have a back up plan if things go sideways. Ultimately, knowing the map is a huge advantage against other players. I think this will be very helpful for new players and, and keep you alive with a much better chance to become an Apex Champion!

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Apex Legends is a Free to Play Battle Royale available on PC, Xbox and PS4! Check out this exclusive new gameplay reveal and in depth dive into the creation of the game with the dev team at respawn studios! This game is made within the titan fall universe, and features distinct “classes” like realm royale that you use to take on swarms of other players in a free for all, battle royale fight for the title of last man/team standing!

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