The Best Wraith Guide | New Wraith Strat | Apex Legends

Hello guys DBossDav here and in this video im going to be giving you The Best Wraith Guide and New Wraith Strat for Apex Legends. Dont forget to leave a Like and SUBSCRIBE!

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1) apex legends is the newest game on the battle royal series. In this video im gonna give you the best wraith guide and the best wraith advice for you guessed it wraith.

2) In this video im going to show you how to play wraith and this is a wraith advanced guide and an apex legends guide. There is alot of wraith gameplay so i hope you enjoy that while i show wraith abilities and her very cool dimensional rift.

3) I will also show you a new wraith strategy and this is really good for moving fast away from opponets. Thisapex legends wraith guide will give you everything you need and i how you will enjoy.

4) Respawn entertainment has created this new battle royale and it has the bets apex legends gameplay that you will ever see. How to use wraith teleport.

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