Top 5 Legends For NEW Apex Legends Players After Season 7 Buffs and Nerfs !

THIS video is not all my clips sub to the youtube of the clips of people i used: GunSkill SGO
SweatBand TV.
These are all upcoming apex youtubers if you want good content to watch. This is the top 5 apex legends characters to use for new players. all newbies should watch this how to guide to be a better apex player. These top 5 legends to make you a better apex player will show you how to increase your damage on apex legends, how to get more kills on apex legends, and how to to stay alive longer on apex legends. Use these apex legends tipa and tricks to become an apex sweaty. the best apex legends player is aceu but im upcoming apex sweat. how to become a apex predator rank on apex legends. how to use loba after apex season 7. how to use bloodhound after season 7 apex buff. how to use octane after. season 7 apex buff. how to use lifeline after season 7. how to use Bangalore after season 7 apex legends buff. hope you enjoy #apexlegends #season7 #howto. how to guide for new players apex legends.

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