TOP MIRAGE GUIDE 2020 – Utility Tips & Tricks

I hope you found something new, of course, there’s more to cover that’s why let me know down below if you want me to make a longer guide on mirage!

The subreddit –

Note:!/ This video was made on a 128tick server, all of the left click and right click throw smokes work on 64tick too!!!



Jumps Training map –

Time Stamps

00:00 Shelf position + One-Way smoke
00:16 Short Jump (Workshop map in the description) + Underpass One-Way
00:43 Mid peek
01:05 Support smokes for connector
01:24 Connector One-Way smoke
01:36 Yekindar One-Way smokes (extra 2)
02:10 Deep B apps smoke
02:20 B pop flash
02:26 B dumpster Off-Angle
02:39 Underpass Pop-Flash
02:44 Lamp spot in B apps
02:55 B smokes
03:24 Arch smokes from T spawn
03:36 “Best” fake smoke for B
03:58 A site default Molotov from ramp
04:30 A site smokes
05:14 B cross smoke (One-Way)
05:32 Box in connector
05:40 Mid smokes
06:11 Mid self pop flash for window
06:24 Outro (Thanks for watching :))

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Have a great day everyone 🙂

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